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Organic Echinacea Herbal Tincture

Organic Echinacea Herbal Tincture

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Main Actions:

  • Immune modulator
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiviral 
  • Antibacterial

Echinacea was first used by Native American Sioux Indians centuries ago as a treatment for snakebite, colic, infection and wound healing. It was reintroduced into standard medical practices in the USA during the 1800's as a popular anti-infective medication, which was prescribed by both alternative and traditional doctors until the 20th Century with the introduction of antibiotics, Echinacea fell out of favour and was no longer considered a 'real' medicine for infection. Its use has now re-emerged with a better understanding about the limitations of antibiotic therapy.

There are dozens of clinical trials on Echinaceas role in immune support.


5ml daily in a small amount of water/juice (no more than 8 weeks use at a time)

Safety Concerns:

Safety in pregnancy is not known. Avoid use.

Adverse reactions:

Echinacea is a well tolerated herb. Cases of allergic reactions have been reported resulting in pruritus, urticaria, angio-oedema and anaphylaxis, especially in people with known plant allergies. Avoid if you have a known allergy to plants in the Asteraceae family.

Avoid use if you have an autoimmune disorder such as Multiple Sclerosis, Systemic Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tuberculosis, HIV infection or leukocytosis.

In same cases it is ok but consult with our naturopath to find out if you fall in this category.

Drug Interactions:

Cyclophosphamide : Echinacea increases the immunostimulatory effect of this drug. This may be detrimental in autoimmune disease.

Immunosuppressants : Do not use concurrently. Echinacea may enhance immunity and these drugs aim to suppress immune function.

Myelosuppressive chemotherapeutic agents : Beneficial interaction in between cycles when administered under professional supervision.

Etoposide: Do not use echinacea in combination with this drug.

*Our naturopath will consult with you to ensure this is right for you.


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