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About Us

Essential Naturopathy is an Australian company that provides a natural and scientific alternative to maintain and improve your health. 
Using ethically grown ingredients and environmentally friendly practices; our qualified team are on hand to listen and select the best step forward. 
Essential Naturopathy is integrated with medical experts in every field, and believes every person should have access to growing their own health. 
Our online herbal library is a resource for anyone interested in the mechanics of how each herb works and with our free online consultation has never been easier to access what's right for you. Welcome to Essential Naturopathy.
Welcome to Essential Naturopathy. My name is Tricia. 
I am the joint founder and director of Essential Naturopathy. 
I created this company because I have a big passion for health and herbal medicine that came about when I was a lot younger and could not find long-term results for many of my health issues within the current medical model. 
I was given recommendations and medications that provided me with short-term results that left me with many unwanted side effects. 
I was often misdiagnosed or misunderstood never feeling like I was getting to the root cause of my health problems.
This is when my own research began and I started to learn more.
I started to change my diet, lifestyle and incorporate herbal medicines.
This was when I really was able to maintain and reach different levels of health. 
I was so pleased with my results I decided to study nutrition and then complete my Bachelor of health science in Naturopathic Medicine. 
My passion is learning about Herbal Medicine and Plants.
I enjoy reading about all of the chemicals that make up a herb/plant in order to give them their known benefits.
I respect the traditional uses of herbs and plants but prescribe based on up to date scientific evidence.
I enjoy attending seminars and conferences to keep my knowledge up to date but find that the best learning comes from you, my clients. 
I love receiving feedback from you. 
My goal is to make herbal medicine more accessible and more understood in the mainstream.
This is why I have decided to offer free online consultations via live-chat and email.
I am also dedicating my time to creating weekly educational videos which you can find in our Herbal library to share my knowledge about herbal medicine and health. 
Please reach out if you ever have any questions at all.
I am very approachable and will aim to get back to you asap with an answer to your questions.
In health and happiness,
(BHSc Naturopath) My name is Vincent and I am the joint founder and director of Essential Naturopathy. My main goal (as a designer), is to communicate the science and history of each herb, and to provide an honest spectrum where adverse and ineffective boundaries lie.
With science we'll be collecting the latest information for you, while also steering clear from all ineffective and archaic practices. My intention is to create a culture of rational thinking, and practical applications from the organic world about us. Lastly, stay tuned to our library as it becomes a resource that may be referred to by you and your family, now - and in years to come.
Thanks for your time,