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Customised Naturopathic Meal Plan PDF

Customised Naturopathic Meal Plan PDF

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Customised Naturopathic Meal Plan To Achieve Your Health Goal. 

Eat your way to better health.

What Tricia will need from you:
- A 7 day diet diary that will be emailed to you prior, this needs to be filled-in honestly and accurately.
- Your top 3 health priorities e.g. clearer skin, improved digestion, hormonal balance, weight loss etc. The menu plan will be based around these goals.
- Honesty and commitment to the meal plan.
- A note of any medications, allergies, intolerances, or health conditions you have.

What's included:
- A 7 day meal plan tailored to your taste preferences and health priorities as seen in your diet diary.
- Recipes to accompany your meal plan, either as links or attachments.
- Additional lifestyle and dietary advice to help you achieve your 3 health priorities.

-Supplement/herb recommendations

-Free lifetime membership to the Essential Naturopathy Facebook Community

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mauricio Pedroza
Thank you so much

Tricia made me an amazing meal plan to help me achieve my Goals. I will always be thankful of every thing you done for me.
It feels like a diet that i can stick thru a long time. I feel I can live a healthy lifestyle on this.
She is an amazing person that takes the time on making your Diet perfect, and still got to eat Tacos !!!

Thank You so incredibly much for everything
Trish :)

Amelia Ashton
Amazing Meal Plan!

I have been on my meal plan from Patricia for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it!
The recipes are healthy and delicious while still realistically fitting into my lifestyle. I don’t at all feel like I am restricted or missing out.
I could not recommend enough!

trecia greenwood
Joshua Meal Plan

Patricia has great customer service...she was so caring to my sons needs.
The meal planned that was created for my son fits him well ...he loves all that she has provided,he has gone from a fussy eater, to now willing to try things that i never thought he would eat.

Thank You