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Organic Calendula Herbal Tincture

Organic Calendula Herbal Tincture

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Main Actions:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antiparasitic
  • Promotes wound healing (topical)
  • Anti-inflammatory

Calendula is indigenous to Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, where its medicinal value has been respected since ancient times. 

Calendula was popular in ancient greece and in earlier Indian and Arabic cultures.

It has been a common garden plant since the 12th century and it is mentioned in several older herbal texts.


2-4ml per day in small amount water/juice

Safety Concerns:

Use with caution in patients with confirmed allergy to herbs or foods from the Compositae family.

Safety in pregnancy is not known. Avoid use.

Adverse reactions:

Rare allergic reactions reported. Avoid if allergic to herbs or foods from the Compositae family.

Drug Interactions:

None documented. 

*Our naturopath will consult with you to ensure this is right for you.


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