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Herbal Actions : Diuretic

What is a herbal diuretic?

A herbal diuretic is often thought of a substance that will make you urinate more often. Although this is true, herbal diuretics offer a more constitutional effect and broader range of application.

Instead of just thinking of diuretic herbs as a flushing mechanism for the urinary system, kidney and bladder they offer a wide range of usefulness from treating musculoskeletal issues, cardiovascular issues, liver problems, offering lymphatic support and overall detoxification.

The accumulation of dampness in the body can show up physically in conditions like edema, swelling, puffiness or inflamed joints etc. Although diuretics are not often prescribed for joint pain if there is swelling herbs with this action may be a great option.

It is important to think of diuretics not just as a treatment for fluid retention and water loss but instead an overall systemic treatment for removing dampness, fluid accumulation and supporting the lymphatic and elimination pathways in the body.

How Diuretics Work

There are three groups of herbal diuretics. Those that increase blood flow to the kidneys (stimulating), diuretics that reduce water reabsorption in the nephrons of the kidney (osmotic) and those that work by increasing cardiac output.

Examples of herbal diuretics







Gravel root








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