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Herbal Actions : Astringent

What is an Astringent?

Astringency is that feeling you get when you drink a cup of tea, coffee or wine. The astringent property is responsible for that feeling of tightness in your mouth.

Astringent herbs have a binding action on mucous membranes, skin and other exposed tissues which makes astringent remedies especially good for wound healing.

How do Astringents Work? 

The group of constituents responsible for this tightening are called tannins.

Astringent herbs have a role in a wide range of health issues in many parts of the body but are particularly useful in wound healing and digestive system complaints. 

These astringents may reduce irritation on the surface of the tissues and reduce inflammation. 

Astringents are herbs that dry or shrink tissue which helps to create a barrier.

Topical astringents can be used to help pull out splinters and tone the skin and can have a protective effect.

Herbs that provide an astringent action? 








Gotu Kola


Olive Leaf


St John's Wort

Nettle Leaf

Willow Bark




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