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"Lovely people and an amazing Naturopath. 

The advice is always spot on in treating my symptoms as well as maintaining my general well being.

My thyroid, which was at one stage thyrotoxic is now stable.

As well Essential Naturopathy are my go to people for optimum health even when I travel overseas I always have a bottle of herbs with me to take to keep my immune system strong and healthy.

The result being is I don't get sick when I travel anymore.

I highly recommend Essential Naturopathy if you have health issues and want them resolved"- Liz 

"Approachable and full of knowledge.

Essential Naturopathy has helped me clear my skin and make my hair full again due to thyroid issues.

I trust the team and would recommend them to everyone." - Danielle

"Essential Naturopathy 5 star experience & a thorough understanding of all to do with the field of "Naturopathy".

They continue to advise me and support me after my life threatening illness and care for all that contact and deal with them.

I have no hesitation in recommending Essential Naturopathy to my friends and family". - Chris​

"Very knowledgeable. Amazing customer service. ​Great prices! " - Anna​

“I have been struggling for a long time with digestive issues, feeling sluggish and fatigued.

Since starting the metabolism protocol I feel energised, bowel movements are regular and the best part of it all is I have not experienced bloating and stomach pain since. Can’t recommend Essential Naturopathy enough🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟" - Jacqueline​

"It is so easy to get my tonic’s now. The site is easy to order from and they are prepared promptly" - Sharyn


I" have suffered with problematic skin for most of my life through my teens and into adulthood.

I have been so lost with trying different prescription medications & face cleansers etc and nothing would work.

After turning to Essential Naturopathy, they led me on to the right path and I have not looked back since.

They've guided me and put me on to the right foods and the right eating habits always saying to me clean insides = clean skin! The team had also recommended herbs & vitamins which greatly helped with my breakouts due to hormone imbalance and liver toxins.

I would definitely recommend Essential Naturopathy!" - Connie​

"Amazing practitioners- always attentive and the team go above and beyond for you - highly recommended." - Cecilia ​

"I recently ordered two bottles of herbs using the Essential Naturopathy website.

To make this order via the website was easy to do and to have the option to pay via PayPal is fantastic.

Also, the two bottles of herbs arrived safe and sound and within a few days.
I have found Essential Naturopathy to be very knowledgeable and I appreciate that they follow up with my orders and how I am doing.

I would recommend them to anyone should they need to see a naturopath." - Ray


"Very friendly, happy to answer my health questions. Highly Recommend!!" - Tiarne 


"After much time and money spent on eliminating my fungal nail infection, I have to say a huge thank you to Essential Naturopathy. Your tonic has made a huge difference in only two weeks!! Unbelievable."  - Jo​

"I would like to thank Essential Naturopathy for the tonic I needed and also the help I need about my low iron always very helpful" - Gina