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A Naturopathic Approach To Managing Sydney's Smoky Air

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

If you live in Sydney then I'm sure you are aware of the current smoky haze that has filled the city over the past few weeks.

Unfortunately it has not improved and has made its way to Sydney's inner west.

This inspired us at Essential Naturopathy to write a little article on how to stay healthy amongst the smoke, combat air pollution and protect your lungs from any damage.

If you are an asthmatic or are particularly sensitive to smoke and irritants then these steps will be very helpful to you.

1. Invest in an air purifier, even better if it has a humidifier. The air purifier will purify the pollutants in the air while the humidifier will add moisture in the air which is very important as smoke is very drying.

2. Stay hydrated. This will keep your mouth and nasal passage moist which will make breathing easier. Aim for 2-3 litres of water a day in these conditions. It is much easier to become dehydrated so make sure to communicate this to your children also especially if they are playing outside and don't forget about your pets.

3. Limit outside time and extend this to your pets on particularly smoky days.

Allow pets to stay inside if this is an option where you live or keep them in your laundry/garage/ bathroom if you do not have a pet friendly property.

4. Use door snakes to stop smoky air entering the house. This is pretty self explanatory

5. Avoid opening windows and using air conditioners. As tempting as it may be this can be very drying an air purifier would be a much better option.

6. Purchase a face mask. Ask for one for high filtration rates and ensure that it covers your nose and mouth. Wear this if you are outside for extended periods of time during particularly smoky days.

7. Smoke can be very irritating to the lungs. Consider buying a diffuser for your house or making a steam bath and adding essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint to inhale for approx 5 minutes a day. These oils and the combination of the moisture from the steam can be very good for your lungs.

8. Avoid dehydrating drinks like alcohol, coffee, sugary soft drinks etc and opt for herbal teas with herbs that are good for the lungs. The combination of water and the herbs will be amazing for your lung health during this time. Opt for herbs like peppermint, licorice, chamomile, astragalus, mullein root, elecampane root, marshmallow root or thyme.

9. Eat hydrating foods like fruits, vegetables, fresh aloe vera added to smoothies, soups, fresh juices, smoothies, cucumber, celery, pineapple, watermelon as well as anti-inflammatory foods like ginger which will keep you hydrated and your bronchi clear.

10. Contact us, we can customise a herbal tonic for lung health. This tonic has very potent herbs that you can shot a few times a day to keep your lungs and immune system healthy.

We hope this article helps you and your family.

Stay Safe and Healthy over this smoky period and feel free to comment below with any helpful tips that may help our readers!


Essential Naturopathy Team

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