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Grow your own food with the veges and fruits you have!

We love this 15 minute video on how to grow your own fruits, vegetables and plants using the existing grocery items that you may already have in your fridge today.

This is taking "no waste" to that next level.

How cool is it that by using the produce you purchase today, you can grow your future food?

We are going to be trying out some of these gardening hacks ourselves and sharing them on our Instagram Story over at the @essential_naturopathy insta page.

If you try any of these out show us your initial photos as well as sharing your final results, we would love to see! Just tag us at @essential_naturopathy and use the hashtag #essentialnaturopathygarden :) We will repost all of your photos!

Happy Planting!

This video was brought to you by 5 minute Crafts