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Welcome to Essential Naturopathy,

My name is Patricia, I am a qualified naturopath and herbalist.

My passion for health started when I was 12 years old and had tried many methods to fix my own health problems with conventional methods without much success.


I came across a book that explained that making changes to my lifestyle and diet could be the answer.

From the age of 12 I started cooking my own meals, using a variety of herbs and after about three to six months started to see the results I was wanting.

For me my issue was cystic acne.

I was a little bit overweight and I was tired all the time. As a teenager I was self concious about this.

I had tried every face cream, was prescribed the contraceptive pill at 14 only to find that nothing changed things for the long-term.

In fact some of the prescriptions left me with hormonal imbalances after I got off them and usually the problems came back.

When I started to incorporate nutrition and herbal medicine the results came. 

People commented that my skin looked clearer, my eyes were brighter and I had even lost weight.

I felt energetic,like I found the vitality I was looking for. 

This started my passion for health and wellness.

I saw the results first hand now I wanted to share this with others.

I became a fitness professional and completed a Bachelor degree in Nutrition & Naturopathy.

My passion and specialised area is in herbal medicine.

I have always been fascinated by the fact that every plant contains their own little powerhouse of constituents that give that plant its medicinal effect and qualities.

I love creating herbal medicines for people to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Get in touch via the live chat if you would like to have a chat about any aspect of your health today. Naturopathy can help with many different health concerns and help you feel your best.

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Thanks for stopping by,

Patricia (BHSc Naturopathy)

Essential Naturopathy